Lovina and dolphins are inextricably linked. There is even a real dolphin monument in the central square of Kalibukbuk, the centre of Lovina. Staying at Villa Asmara without watching the dolphins is like visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower.

The dolphin watching excursion starts early in the morning. Before sunrise, a local fishing boat will pick you up on the beach in front of the villa. During the boat trip, you can enjoy the rising sun awakening the beautiful coastline and volcanic mountainsides. After fifteen minutes of sailing, the boats unite around the schools of dolphins that are looking for their favourite breakfast of shrimp.

Watching the dolphins swimming alongside the boat or performing acrobatic tricks before diving away again is a unique experience. Not surprisingly, many people have taken beautiful photographs to cherish as a souvenir.

And what do the dolphins think of this? One thing is certain – they appear every day. Is it to make the tourists happy or to have their breakfast? Only the dolphins know the answer 😉