The Asmara team consists of eight local employees, who were professionally trained to provide you with an unforgettable holiday with complete discretion and with the greatest care. Many of them welcomed the very first guests of Villa Asmara, and others were added to the team in order to provide even better service.

Kadek – Villa manager and head chef

Kadek is an ever-smiling and cheerful lady, who is responsible for the villa and its guests. She has been working in Villa Asmara right from the beginning, and no one knows the villa better than she does. Along with Nila and Iluh, she handles the reception of guests, the housekeeping/laundry, and the preparation of delicious meals. She can also introduce you to typical Balinese dishes during a cooking workshop in the Villa Asmara kitchen. You can even go with her to the local market to buy the ingredients. In addition to the delicious cooking, you can also ask her to organise excursions and activities. Kadek also speaks very good English.

Nila – Housekeeping and assistant chef

Nila is somewhat shy but is nevertheless a sweet and spontaneous lady with a beautiful smile. She takes care of the household and helps Kadek to prepare meals, set the table, and serve the guests. Nila fills in for Kadek when she is away. Nila also speaks good English. As a young mother of two girls, she is always concerned with the little ones in your company.

Sari – Housekeeping

Sari is the newest member of the Asmara team and has been working there since 2016. Her job mainly consists of cleaning the villa, preparing the rooms, and washing and ironing the linens. She also does the laundry and ironing of the guests. 

Dewa – Gardener and pool attendant

You rarely see him, but he is there. As the gardener, Dewa takes care of and maintains the pool and the tropical garden. He lovingly cares for the numerous tropical plants, fruit trees, lawns, and fish ponds of Villa Asmara. He ensures that the seat cushions remain dry when it rains and that they are ready for use when the sun is shining. Dewa is available six days a week, but he is usually hiding among the various flowers and plants. Dewa is not a big talker, but he is the best gardener in Bali. If you want a coconut from the Villa Asmara garden, he is the one to talk to

Made and Junior – Security

The North of Bali and Bali are generally very safe compared to most other places in the world, partly due to the kindness of the Balinese Hindu culture. The Villa Asmara security team primarily help during the evening and night. They are discrete and only show themselves when they are needed. For example, they ensure that all the lights are switched to night mode and that the cushions are stored away. They will also help you start your scooter if you can’t manage it yourself. Because Dewa has a day off on Sunday, the security team comes a few hours earlier to lend a hand in the garden and to tidy the beach in front of the villa. Made and Junior alternate during the night.

Putu – Driver

Putu is our freelance driver who can deliver you everywhere comfortably and safely. Whether you need to go shopping, visit a restaurant or bar, or take a day trip, you can always count on Putu. Putu can also take you to and from the airport. His knowledge of English is sufficient for answering your questions along the way and explaining the Balinese lifestyle and traditions. Kadek can provide more information about the cost, and payment is made directly to her.

Made and assistants – Massage

Made is our freelance in-house masseuse and is happy to spoil you with a relaxing massage. She is skilled in giving the traditional Balinese massage, techniques that were transferred from mother to daughter throughout history. Kadek will gladly arrange your reservations.