Centre of Lovina Kalibukbuk

Lovina is a chain of coastal villages in the north of Bali. Kalibukbuk is one of those villages and is considered the “centre” of Lovina. In addition to the well-known dolphin monument, Kalibukbuk has various shops as well as lovely restaurants, bars, and local warungs (eateries). Especially in Jalan Binaria, Jalan Pantai, and Jalan Rambutan, there is a wide selection of dining and entertainment venues such as Warung Aria, Jasmin Kitchen, Suku, Warung Apple, or the restaurant at the Chonos Hotel. Whether you feel like Balinese, Japanese, or French cuisine or simply a pizza or a burger, there is something for everyone’s taste. If you prefer a trendier venue, you can go to the “Spice Beach Club”, which is located on Lovina Beach. The beach club has a lounge and cocktail bar as well as an atmospheric restaurant. The menu includes both local and European dishes. A band regularly plays atmospheric music. In the late hours, you can go to “Kantin 21”, a friendly outdoor dance club where local Balinese, tourists, and expats can dance to live music until the early hours.

The hot springs in Banjar

At the foot of the hills of Banjar are the “Air Panas” volcanic hot springs. This is a 10 minute drive from Villa Asmara. Amidst landscaped gardens, there are hot springs on three levels. The therapeutic hot water sprays out of natural stone heads in the landscaped ponds in which you can enjoy the benefits of the sulphurous water. This is ideal for people with rheumatic diseases. Don’t forget your swimwear and towels. Try to avoid Sundays because the Balinese also enjoy the springs on their day off.

Buddhist monastery

Not far from the hot springs is the Buddhist Monastery “Brahma Vihara Arama”. It is the largest Buddhist temple of Bali and is an oasis of calm. At the highest level, a miniature replica of the famous temple at Borobudur on Java was built. From the property, you have a magnificent view overlooking the coast of the north of Bali.


The old port city of Singaraja is the former capital of Bali and is now the capital of the regency of Buleleng. With roughly 100,000 inhabitants, it is the second largest city of Bali. The colonial past of the city is still noticeable in the architecture of many buildings, especially in the old port. The white plastered buildings still exude the atmosphere of the days when the port was still a thriving centre where mainly herbs and tobacco were traded. It is a city with hospitals, pharmacies, schools, universities, banks and markets. You will be amazed by the scents and colours of Balinese life. Singaraja is also home to the Gedong Kirtya library in which you can find the famous Lontar manuscripts and lots of Balinese literature. Also worth visiting are the “Pasar Anyar II” market, the Chinese temple, and the royal palace where the former royal family of Buleleng once had their residence.

Git Git Waterfalls

A half hour drive from Singaraja, you will find the spectacular 40-metre-high Git Git waterfall in the middle of the tropical rainforest. A 1-km path full of souvenir shops will lead you through a coffee and vanilla plantation to one of the most breath-taking waterfalls that Bali has been blessed with. Take a moment to enjoy the sound of the falling water.

Waterfalls and Coffee plantations of Munduk

Higher up in the mountains at Munduk, the most beautiful waterfall is surrounded by spectacular nature. At the Lumbung Resort, the guides are ready to accompany you on various hikes. You can also visit colonial houses and a coffee roasting factory in Munduk.

On the way to Munduk, you will see a small sign saying “Giant Tree”. After a bad 7-km stretch of road, you will finally arrive. The tree has a circumference of 34 metres, and you can even go inside it. The roots form mysterious chambers that you can explore. The road to the tree gives you a good picture of everyday village life in Bali.

Bedugul and the “Pura Ulun” Temple

From the villa, It is more than a one hour drive to Bedugul. We therefore recommend that you combine this trip with the Git Git waterfalls or to make a stopover in Denpasar on the way back. You should definitely visit the “Pura Ulun” temple, which is located on the Danu Bratan Lake. You will undoubtedly recognize the temple from the 50,000 Rp banknotes. The Buyan and Tamblingan Lakes, where you can take beautiful guided walks, are also nearby. There are Botanical Gardens in Bedugul, and the local market is also definitely worth a visit. Do not forget to haggle if you want to buy something!