Villa Asmara Team introduced

The team of Villa Asmara consists of two pillars: one is the “invisible team” which you already met when making your booking. They are also responsible for the planning of maintenance and decoration works at the villa, the marketing and the commercial aspects, and plenty of things ‘running behind the scenes.

The second is the “villa team” and will be clearly visible during your stay. So be assured, Kadek and her team will welcome you with open arms. Our villa team consists of 6 local employees, who were professionally trained to assist you with complete discretion and with the greatest care and can fulfil all your needs so that you can fully enjoy a carefree and memorable holiday. 

Some of them already welcomed the very first guests of Villa Asmara back in 2006, and others were added to the team to provide an even better service or to accommodate bigger groups or special requests.

At Villa Asmara, you combine the extensive services of a luxury hotel with the privacy and freedom of a villa, solely used by you and your beloved ones as you don’t have to share the villa with anyone else. Our villa team will do everything possible to make your stay enjoyable so that you can spend your well-deserved holiday in a most pleasant way. And if needed, our “invisible team” is just one message away to assist you where and when required. 


Kadek – Villa Manager & Cook

Kadek is a mother of 2 boys and an ever smiling and cheerful lady, very spontaneous and always open for a funny joke. As the Villa Manager and head of housekeeping, she is responsible for the daily tasks in the villa and takes care of our guests. She has been working in Villa Asmara right from the beginning in 2006, and no one knows the villa better than she does. She speaks English very well and is always happy to assist you with tips and advice. Kadek is the engine of Villa Asmara and is responsible for the administration and management of the team. Along with Nila, Aan and Iluh, she takes care of welcoming the guests, handles the groceries, manages your cooking plan & schedule, housekeeping duties, laundry and arranges the booking and reservation of all your activities.

Nila – Housekeeping & cooking assistant

Nila is the right hand of Kadek and is somewhat shy but is nevertheless a sweet and spontaneous lady with a beautiful smile. But once the music is on, her karaoke heart blossoms and her alter ego awakens, happy to sing you your favorite song. She helps Kadek in the kitchen preparing the meals, sets the table, serves our guests and makes sure that all rooms get cleaned and linen gets changed. When Kadek is not around Nila is in charge. Nila also speaks good English, but this wasn’t the case when she started working for Villa Asmara back in 2007. Her dedication and social character assisted her to blossom in her work. As a young mother of two girls and a baby boy, she is always concerned with the little ones in your company and happy to assist you when needed.

Iluh – Housekeeping helper and ironing lady

Iluh’s main task is assisting Kadek and Nila with the cleaning, washing and ironing. She doesn’t speak English and is a little shy, nevertheless she conquers the world with her beautiful smile and sweet obligingness. Together with Kadek and Nila, she is always at your disposal to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Dewa – Gardener, pool man & our fix everything handyman

You rarely see him, but he is there. Since 2006, Dewa is the silent force of our tropical garden. He lovingly cares for the numerous tropical plants, fruit trees, lawns, and fishponds of Villa Asmara. He also takes care of and maintains the swimming pool of Villa Asmara and is a quick fixer if something needs repair. He ensures that the seat cushions remain dry when it rains and that they are ready for use when the sun is shining. Dewa works six days a week and starts his day at 7am. Between 11am and 1pm, the hottest hours of the day, he takes a break. From 1pm to 5pm you will find him again in the garden, but he is usually hiding among the various flowers and plants, barely visible. Dewa is not that big of a talker, but he is the best gardener of Bali. And if you want a fresh coconut from the garden, then Dewa is your man to climb the palm tree.

Aan – Student & Kitchen Assistant

Aan has only recently finished his waiter studies, but since 2021 and when he was free from school, he worked in Villa Asmara as an apprentice under the wings of Kadek. He still must improve his English and hopes that the interaction with our guests can help him becoming more fluent. He is a highly motivated new team member of Villa Asmara always eager to learn new things and his strength is his eye for detail when it comes to decoration, service and cooking. As the oldest son of his family, he strongly believes that he has a big responsibility towards his parents and siblings. A good job, hard studying and earning his money whilst doing what he likes, is what he calls being successful in life.

Susee – Freelance in-house Villa Masseuse & Yoga Teacher

Our therapists are happy to introduce you to the Balinese century old massage techniques. An experience you do not want to miss. Susee is our freelance house massage therapist, who will at your request indulge you with a relaxing Balinese massage. If needed, she will bring along her assistants so that more persons can be treated simultaneously.
Besides massage, Susee is also a professional Yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience. She is used to work in hospitality and with people from diverse backgrounds, experience and age. Kadek can easily book you a massage or Yoga session.

Made & Junior – Security and night assistants

Bali and especially North Bali are very safe compared to most other  holiday destinations around the world. Villa Asmara’s security team primarily helps during the evening and night, and on Sunday afternoon when the other staff are enjoying their off day. The security team of Villa Asmara consists of two men, who take turns during the night: they work from 6pm to 6am.
They are discrete and only show themselves when they are needed. Made and Junior watch over your quiet night sleep and help during the evening shift. They maintain the beach and they ensure that all the lights are switched to night mode and that the sunlounge cushions are stored away when everybody goes asleep. They will also help you start your scooter if you can’t manage it yourself.
These men are also present on Sunday afternoon, a few hours earlier compared to their week schedule to lend a hand in the garden and to tidy the beach in front of the villa, whilst Dewa is enjoying his day off.